November 8, 2012


In Astrology, we are lead to believe, changes in our lives are in direct correlation to changes in the stars, planets and universe.  In our society, we are seeing physical change based on war, politics & nature.  In Kabul, Afghanistan, after 12 years of American involvement, there are roads and schools being built and new liberties being established. In the United States, an administration bought in on change is moving forward for an additional term. In New York & New Jersey rebuilding is the current status after nature devastated the landscape.

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October 11, 2012

12 years later: Celebrating learning in Afghanistan

The 4th president of the United States, James Madison, said “Knowledge will forever govern ignorance; and a people who mean to be their own governors must arm themselves with the power which knowledge gives.”  This building of schools is a testament of the people taking control of their lives.

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October 6, 2012

Things that “Irk”

Rarely, do I speak in the first person. I try to keep my personal opinions out of my post.  Most of the time, I strive to present a concept & allow my viewers to form their own opinion. However, a few things have been bugging me and to take from a very popular theme on “Reddit”, “does anybody else” get my point of view.  “Irk” is a popular colloquial which means to bother or annoy.  Some may say, I just want to vent & that’s quite okay; the majority will understand and I want you to join me by posting in the comments, the “things that irk” you.  Someone said, “Venting is quenching for the soul”, whoever they were; got it right.  Finding a sympathetic, none judging source to do it becomes the problem. Personally, I found arguing, coming to blows or speeding aren’t ways to do it.  Again my personal experience, I ended up more “irked”.

Take for instance, the last speeding ticket.  Yeah, I got pulled over for speeding in the speed-trap zone that has been set up for revenue in Stratford, NJ.  Some of you may know it as “Kelly Ripa’s hometown.  Pretty sure, many of you are aware living in your neck of the woods. Speed traps are to subsidies towns to keep property taxes down.  They are very aware when they target their “unsuspecting” prey the person will enter into the “voluntary-fine” plea because they don’t have the time and money to fight the bogus ticket. The cost for hiring a lawyer, time lost going to court. Plus, those cost with still having to pay a fine and have points on your license takes away your fight real quick. Seriously, I’m on a plan paying my fine. The thing that “irks” me about this one; I stopped for gas, stopped at two lights & was in another town when I was stopped. The nice officer told me, “that’s how fast I was speeding” Okay, officer, sure your right, the light just turned green when you pulled me over. I was going 50 in a 40 zone. umm, I have been known to speed but the last time it was 100 with 65 mph posted.  I knew I was caught and happily took the plea. So, I know from experience, a bullshit set-up when I see it. Whatever, officer, have a great night. You’re doing a great job and earning your pay.  Trust me, they don’t get sarcasm.

The latest one, this month is “Bully awareness prevention” month. What a great concept but all the official “solutions” put in place by most schools; Epic fails.  I think if you ask 9 out of 10 kids being bullied has their school “newly” design; Department of Education-certified protocol ended the bullying? Really, don’t think they’ll say, yes. But, didn’t you have an assembly, an informal discussion, offers of peer counselors & tell an adult. Surely, your still not be bullied. Again, they don’t get the sarcasm.  Truthfully, after the sex-scandal at Triton High School in Runnemede, NJ, these administrators need to catch a clue and start listening to the students.  Guess that’s crazy talk.  Once again, the person whose job was to pay attention dropped the ball than cover it upped. In another high school in the same county, a situation was told to me by a main person involved; that her request for help against bullying was dismissed as lies since she refused to name them.  Umm, “don’t snitch” is a code for many teens, even victims. Guess that wasn’t in the plan that decided the course of action for this situation.  Really, don’t want to justify the actions of students who resorted to violence and hurt innocent people. That being said, I won’t be using any examples.  Really, don’t want to advocate suicide being the answer to your problems. That being said, I won’t give the thousand of names of young ones who killed themselves as a result of bullying.  The thing that irks, the school and people involved never get held accountable for the person whose life they ruined because of greed.

Of course, the bonus “irk” has to do with a corporation.  The best example comes by way of “Sprint”. Today, they replaced my broken phone with a broke replacement phone.  Now, I have to waste gas & time tomorrow to go back.  Guess, that’s what they call “superior” customer service for being a “long-time” customer. Trust me, they don’t get the sarcasm.  That being said, I wonder could this go under, things I learned.

October 2, 2012

Things I have learned

As I sit here listening to my next door neighbor mow his lawn, knowing mine is long overdue.  I blow it off, as one of those things that will get done this weekend.  Really not a fan of the whole mowing your lawn not to get disapproving stares from the block captain.  The grass is not really that bad & a little free range growing has help it come back from almost dying during the summer.  We don’t water lawns in this neighborhood wastefully to maintain their looks.

Now, it has been a month since I revamped the site and I am glad of the impact the new changes have made.  I did an additional minor tweak a few days ago to address additional criticism regarding the color choices. Finally, I think this color compromise will stop the only negative feedback received.  As I find my comfortable voice, I would like to spend time engaging on a meaningful level than to comment regarding something as small as aesthetics.  Not dismissing the worth of an appealing site, it’s just not one of those things worthy enough in the bigger picture to sidetrack the sites overall development.

It is important to be connected and aware of events, directly or indirectly, affecting your world. I am aware about my lawn issues. But, I don’t think you can’t live your life in such a shell position when you care more about new growth than humanity. I don’t know, maybe, it’s just me.  Hell, its autumn in the Northeast. In a few weeks, they will be mad when these 6 massive trees unload their leaves for the season and their leaves are blowing all over the neighborhood. In my case, I can’t win for losing. One of the things I learned long ago; do what you can, even with all your efforts someone still won’t be satisfied.

October 1, 2012

If “IT” could be

If “It” could be, what would it be?  If “It” could be will it end the what-ifs that exist?  What is “It”? “It’s” the answer. If the problem is a lack of attention, “It” would be attention. If the problem is a lack of money, “It” would be money. Whatever the need, “It” would be the solution. There would no longer be problems since everything will be bliss. Can total bliss bring happiness or will “It” bring madness.

Everyone says the solution to this or that will end this or that. So, when there is no longer this or that cause or issue. Will there be peace of mind & happiness? Will everyone be walking across the world, hand-to-hand, singing “How great “It” is”?  “It” is unrealistic. “It” will take away the backbone of human nature which is to tackle, struggle, overcome & call “it” an accomplishment. Everyone wants a perfect utopia but “It” can never be.

September 27, 2012

A casualty of the “war on drugs”; the unfortunate case of Robert “NJWeedman” Forchion

“America’s federally created Cannabis Prohibition mark(ed) its seventy-fifth anniversary (on) August 2, 2012.”  In 2010, approximately 900,000 people were charged with various “Marijuana” offenses, one of those arrested, “Robert Edward Forchion aka NJWeedman”, known as a longtime “Cannabis-Soldier” has never wavered in his belief of the “Justice System” and the benefits “cannabis” offers “medicinally”.   On April 1, in the state of New Jersey, Mr. Forchion became a “docket number” once again. Believe it or not, at this time, the state had passed the “New Jersey’s Compassionate Marijuana Act of 2010”.  In May 2012, Mr. Forchion was “found guilty on the charge of fourth-degree possession of marijuana, but [the jury was] deadlocked in their deliberations on the count of possession with the intent to distribute”.   Currently, Mr. Forchion who returned to California for medical treatment is preparing to return for his retrial that starts in October.

Originally, the retrial was to start Sept. 4 but the date was changed to Oct. 10. Mr. Forchion believes the date was changed when he began “sending out Press Releases pointing out “JURY RIGHTS DAY” was Sept 5th.” Also, he discussed “Jury Nullification”. Recently, in the state of New Hampshire, “a defendant was acquitted with this defense.”As a long-time advocate for jury nullification, he was pleased for the victory despite being denied expert witnesses when he had considered the same religious defense argument for his previous trial. According to him, in the state of “New Jersey Constitution” it clearly states in article 1 (6)… “In all prosecutions or indictments…the truth may be given to the jury as evidence….the jury may judge the law as well as the facts.” Skeptically, he states, the court notified him of a “scheduling conflict”regarding the change of his court date.

Several days ago, he made a statement in “Facebook”, that he advised the court he would not return for trial because his “civil rights” were being violated. Although, he will be representing himself, the court has to provide him an attorney to assist in his defense.  Mr. Forchion is being denied “due process” by the “Public Defender’s Office who is refusing to obtain witness’s because they don’t like my defense” which violates his “6th amendment” right to obtaining witnesses to testify in his favor.  He doesn’t want to return, without his witnesses & case being “trial ready”.  “The last time I came to Jersey and was ready for trial, it was postponed from April 10th to May 1st; that delay seriously hurt me financially. Plus, I do not want a delay, my health is at risk.”  He is receiving a treatment regimen of an experimental drug, called “Densuab” for cancer at an Oncology center in Santa Monica.

Mr.  Forchion considers himself a “protest candidate” in his current race as a Representative, for “Third Congressional District”, New Jersey. “Obviously, I’m protesting the current marijuana laws, by running for office under the Legalize Marijuana Party. It is my hope that others who feel the same as I do would simply vote for me, to help send a message to the Democrats and Republicans alike who wage this ungodly war on peaceful potheads.”






Doug Darrell Acquitted Of Marijuana Charges Through Jury Nullification In New Hampshire

September 26, 2012

Thoughts in my head

It seems we are condition before we are born to choose a side which continues into adulthood. In the beginning, the sides are chosen by our parents.  But, we are condition as early as pre-school, to pick a side or to be chosen, by being the favorite friend, best athletes, most-talented & any other “label” that could be used to differentiate “a subset within a certain set”. Yeah, that math stuff can apply to the real world, who knew.

As adults, we take sides when we choose a political party, pledge faith to any religion, choose a mate, undertake a certain profession. Yes, Mr. Republican, God-Fearing Christian, homosexual Accountant chose those sides to align his identity. Just like, Ms. Democratic, Jewish, stay-at-home, Mother made her choices in her life. Essentially, when you make a choice, you take a side. There is nothing wrong with the “idealism” of taking sides. The problem arises when a person becomes consumed in their sides & choices believing others are wrong or misguided.

As humans, we should choose humanity before anything else.  It doesn’t matter, where you were born, your religion, your socio-economic status, any other category used to define. A human man & woman are very much the same in their skeleton form.  Seriously, when you see a skeleton can you tell from sight any of society’s so-called labels.  Really, fat or thin, black or white, these attributes cannot be determined without in-depth additional tests. So, shouldn’t our first loyalty be towards humans before we show allegiance to any other thing.

September 22, 2012

My Thoughts out loud

If Understanding, is the Truth being sought. Wouldn’t the Focus be on the Many, not just the ONE?

September 20, 2012

Things on my mind

Seriously, these are the two arguments that are tearing the world apart. The arguments are about religion & race. In the name of religion, people are dying. Due to the fact, we are polarized by skin tone, people are dying. Yes, to have knowledge of the past is good but living in the present is better, working toward a better future is the goal. There is way too much division in this world which is “man-created” that is keeping us from dealing, discussing, or attempting solutions for the “real issues”. Sorry, it’s not one race or culture vs. another race or culture; it’s the rich vs. the poor. Always has been the issue, still is the issue. It’s not Christianity vs. Islam; religion has always been used as a divisive tactic to blind the realities. In the name of God, people were made slaves. In the name of God, countries were invaded. In the name of”God & Country” is slowly destroying the world not just a race. It’s time to stop bickering over the small stuff. Yes, everything is small if there’s no world left in 5 to 10 years. I’m tired of wasting my time combating perceived ignorance’s (who decides what is ignorant), instead it’s time to fight the actual threats terrorizing the world. The threat of a tampered food supply, the threat of global warming, the threat of violence, the threat of poverty, the threat of war, the threat of sickness, the threat of destruction of this Earth.

September 19, 2012

I got nothing

Yesterday, my daughter needed help on an assignment. Actually, it was more like direction once she freaked out on reality.  My daughter is a junior in high school. She was asked to write about “Where she sees herself in 10 years”? While, I believe in some future planning outside of High School is reasonable. It’s really mind game playing when you ask a 16 year-old to figure out where she will be when she’s 26. Maybe, it went over my head. But, who decides the standard or even the benchmark, blueprint, guide, what-have-you in a linear measurement of a life. My daughter has goals, she has interest, outspoken and very determined.

Pretty much, she is aware enough of the present to know that her future is threatened. As I stress the importance of scoring high on the PSAT & SAT are important. The reality, student loan debt has passed credit card debt. The reality, when she graduates next year, more than likely the cost of College tuition will be up & educational aid will be less. The reality, she can’t borrow the money from her parents. Additional realities, there is not that many employment opportunities that will allow her to be self-sufficient. More than likely, she’ll be living at home struggling with reality not being able to fulfill her dreams. Harsh words that I couldn’t use.

September 13, 2012

Why is the “Occupy” movement important?

Occupy Wall Street is a leaderless resistance movement with people of many colors, genders and political persuasions. The one thing we all have in common is that “We Are The 99%” that will no longer tolerate the greed and corruption of the 1%. We are using the revolutionary Arab Spring tactic to achieve our ends and encourage the use of nonviolence to maximize the safety of all participants. –Occupy Wall Street

“Occupy” is a global movement that allows “every citizen” a right to have a voice. Last year the fed-up got fed-up & decided the best way for others to hear the “real issues” affecting our lives & world was to show up. They showed up, they stood up; they showed, they were the majority & we do have a voice.  Ever since then, the minority, the wealthy have used their mainstream media, their Super-PAC (Pre-paid Active Congress) to shut the movement down.  It’s funny, the movement that was compared to the Suffrage fighters, Civil Right Fighters, and “Tea Party” movement.  In the end was dismissed as a bunch of unorganized “rebels” who should be seen as criminals not “Peaceful Change Initiators” Hmmm, It’s funny, four years ago this same 99% voted for change, waited and decided to help with the change, isn’t that a referendum for “yes, we can.”

Why is the “Occupy” movement important? Actually, that question should be what is the difference between the current “Occupy” movement & the “Tea Party” movement?  The answer, the amount of dollars in bank accounts & political representation financed. Both movements want to save “constitutional rights”, reduce taxes & reign in Government. The difference is in their philosophies. Hence, the “occupiers” represent everyone & the “tea-partiers” represent the elite.  The Democrats & Republicans are threatened because there is another player to weaken their dominant inside track of “pay-to-play” politics. Hmmm, also, recall hearing about the end of those “major influencers” in the political process as well. Aren’t the “occupiers” just keeping the political-playing field leveled? Aren’t they bringing in, for every lacking dollar, a person with a voter’s card.

Why is the “Occupy” movement important? It’s a chance to represent in this election year for “We the People” after the “Republican National Convention” & the “Democratic National Convention” failed to do it. The “#S17NYC” year anniversary convergence should be welcomed & considered the “Peoples National Convention”. They are meeting peacefully in a major city with an agenda of issues & solutions for the population. They have a theme of education, awareness & celebration. Their delegates are coming at their own expense to represent every single citizen in this nation. Isn’t this the political process based on the “Constitution” the political process envisioned by the forefathers of this “United States of America”. Why is the “Occupy” movement important? It is important because this nation is still a “Democracy”.


Schedule of Events for September 15-17 in NYC

Call to action video

September 8, 2012

Lesson Learned


September 6, 2012

End Prohibition


September 5, 2012



November 9, 2013

The End & A new Beginning

I’m sorry I havent posted. I didn’t even post to say, I wasn’t feeling this blogging thing. And I needed to rethink my goals. I’m going to try, one more time to blog. I will post a link to it as soon as I get it together. Thank you for your support. And thank you for your guidance.