Why is the “Occupy” movement important?

Occupy Wall Street is a leaderless resistance movement with people of many colors, genders and political persuasions. The one thing we all have in common is that “We Are The 99%” that will no longer tolerate the greed and corruption of the 1%. We are using the revolutionary Arab Spring tactic to achieve our ends and encourage the use of nonviolence to maximize the safety of all participants. –Occupy Wall Street

“Occupy” is a global movement that allows “every citizen” a right to have a voice. Last year the fed-up got fed-up & decided the best way for others to hear the “real issues” affecting our lives & world was to show up. They showed up, they stood up; they showed, they were the majority & we do have a voice.  Ever since then, the minority, the wealthy have used their mainstream media, their Super-PAC (Pre-paid Active Congress) to shut the movement down.  It’s funny, the movement that was compared to the Suffrage fighters, Civil Right Fighters, and “Tea Party” movement.  In the end was dismissed as a bunch of unorganized “rebels” who should be seen as criminals not “Peaceful Change Initiators” Hmmm, It’s funny, four years ago this same 99% voted for change, waited and decided to help with the change, isn’t that a referendum for “yes, we can.”

Why is the “Occupy” movement important? Actually, that question should be what is the difference between the current “Occupy” movement & the “Tea Party” movement?  The answer, the amount of dollars in bank accounts & political representation financed. Both movements want to save “constitutional rights”, reduce taxes & reign in Government. The difference is in their philosophies. Hence, the “occupiers” represent everyone & the “tea-partiers” represent the elite.  The Democrats & Republicans are threatened because there is another player to weaken their dominant inside track of “pay-to-play” politics. Hmmm, also, recall hearing about the end of those “major influencers” in the political process as well. Aren’t the “occupiers” just keeping the political-playing field leveled? Aren’t they bringing in, for every lacking dollar, a person with a voter’s card.

Why is the “Occupy” movement important? It’s a chance to represent in this election year for “We the People” after the “Republican National Convention” & the “Democratic National Convention” failed to do it. The “#S17NYC” year anniversary convergence should be welcomed & considered the “Peoples National Convention”. They are meeting peacefully in a major city with an agenda of issues & solutions for the population. They have a theme of education, awareness & celebration. Their delegates are coming at their own expense to represent every single citizen in this nation. Isn’t this the political process based on the “Constitution” the political process envisioned by the forefathers of this “United States of America”. Why is the “Occupy” movement important? It is important because this nation is still a “Democracy”.


Schedule of Events for September 15-17 in NYC http://s17nyc.org/schedule/

Call to action video http://s17nyc.org/2012/08/07/s17-promo-video/


5 Comments to “Why is the “Occupy” movement important?”

  1. Tea Party represents the elite? Since when? News to me. The tea party supporters I know would not be classified as elite in any way. Yes power needs to shift, I just don’t think the Occupy Movement’s message has ever been clearly defined. Yes both parties and their conventions have failed but they are mainly aimed at their supporters.

    • They are a little out of touch with the average citizen base on the rhetoric coming from their proudly implanted candidate, Paul Ryan. The Occupy movement in it’s infancy was just as disorganized as the tea party but they have a multitude of fixed platforms that is evident if you look at their website. Whereas, the tea party site still seems a work in progress almost 5 years later.

      • In what way are they out of touch, not trying to start an argument just trying to learn.

      • I don’t like argumentative. it’s not an exchange of ideas to learn from but rehearsed rigid, outdated fears that some hold onto for whatever reasons. That being said. Let’s chat.
        I have followed the Occupy movement for a year. But, the unexpected happened with this movement. It was started very unorganized a year ago but has grown from Wall Street & it’s global. There are over 50 confirmed occupation happening right now. You can go on their sites and cling the link for the tent site and you can get that information based on city, state, & country. In addition, there is occupations based on industries. Any situation where rights are being violated an occupation can be formed.
        The beauty of an “Occupy” its not rigidly form with the same old school bureaucracy that has bought about this need for change. The difference between the “occupy” movement & the “tea party” is based on the one moment in time that “tea party” movement was formed. The “Boston Tea Party” is a definable proud moment in American History. They showed in that action it should be a people based; not imperialistic based form of government that was needed. It was these acts and other memorable acts that bought about the “constitution”. “We the People”……. The “occupy”movement is boderless. It’s global. It’s beyond a political party, government & country. The “Tea Party” is an American political party. It has it’s supporters like the Republican, Conservative, Democratic, Liberal & Libertarians. The “Occupy” doesn’t make that claim. They want adherence to the constitution, equal dispersion of wealth, less dependency more independency. One thing that has Plagued the movement is that it wasn’t well-defined with a clear proposal to present. Actually, the same statement was made several years ago about the “Tea Party” movement. However, that’s not true, from day one; They told from every voice who chose to ignore. They are representing the 99% not the 1% who are in charge. This message was heard & repeated, globally. They have a clear mission statement, gudielines, assembly & rules. They just don’t claim to represent a certain group, idea, concept or whatever. In “Occupy” everyone is counted in that 99% as long as your struggles, experiences & hopes bring about a better future and not keep the current system of thinking in place.

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