Things that “Irk”

Rarely, do I speak in the first person. I try to keep my personal opinions out of my post.  Most of the time, I strive to present a concept & allow my viewers to form their own opinion. However, a few things have been bugging me and to take from a very popular theme on “Reddit”, “does anybody else” get my point of view.  “Irk” is a popular colloquial which means to bother or annoy.  Some may say, I just want to vent & that’s quite okay; the majority will understand and I want you to join me by posting in the comments, the “things that irk” you.  Someone said, “Venting is quenching for the soul”, whoever they were; got it right.  Finding a sympathetic, none judging source to do it becomes the problem. Personally, I found arguing, coming to blows or speeding aren’t ways to do it.  Again my personal experience, I ended up more “irked”.

Take for instance, the last speeding ticket.  Yeah, I got pulled over for speeding in the speed-trap zone that has been set up for revenue in Stratford, NJ.  Some of you may know it as “Kelly Ripa’s hometown.  Pretty sure, many of you are aware living in your neck of the woods. Speed traps are to subsidies towns to keep property taxes down.  They are very aware when they target their “unsuspecting” prey the person will enter into the “voluntary-fine” plea because they don’t have the time and money to fight the bogus ticket. The cost for hiring a lawyer, time lost going to court. Plus, those cost with still having to pay a fine and have points on your license takes away your fight real quick. Seriously, I’m on a plan paying my fine. The thing that “irks” me about this one; I stopped for gas, stopped at two lights & was in another town when I was stopped. The nice officer told me, “that’s how fast I was speeding” Okay, officer, sure your right, the light just turned green when you pulled me over. I was going 50 in a 40 zone. umm, I have been known to speed but the last time it was 100 with 65 mph posted.  I knew I was caught and happily took the plea. So, I know from experience, a bullshit set-up when I see it. Whatever, officer, have a great night. You’re doing a great job and earning your pay.  Trust me, they don’t get sarcasm.

The latest one, this month is “Bully awareness prevention” month. What a great concept but all the official “solutions” put in place by most schools; Epic fails.  I think if you ask 9 out of 10 kids being bullied has their school “newly” design; Department of Education-certified protocol ended the bullying? Really, don’t think they’ll say, yes. But, didn’t you have an assembly, an informal discussion, offers of peer counselors & tell an adult. Surely, your still not be bullied. Again, they don’t get the sarcasm.  Truthfully, after the sex-scandal at Triton High School in Runnemede, NJ, these administrators need to catch a clue and start listening to the students.  Guess that’s crazy talk.  Once again, the person whose job was to pay attention dropped the ball than cover it upped. In another high school in the same county, a situation was told to me by a main person involved; that her request for help against bullying was dismissed as lies since she refused to name them.  Umm, “don’t snitch” is a code for many teens, even victims. Guess that wasn’t in the plan that decided the course of action for this situation.  Really, don’t want to justify the actions of students who resorted to violence and hurt innocent people. That being said, I won’t be using any examples.  Really, don’t want to advocate suicide being the answer to your problems. That being said, I won’t give the thousand of names of young ones who killed themselves as a result of bullying.  The thing that irks, the school and people involved never get held accountable for the person whose life they ruined because of greed.

Of course, the bonus “irk” has to do with a corporation.  The best example comes by way of “Sprint”. Today, they replaced my broken phone with a broke replacement phone.  Now, I have to waste gas & time tomorrow to go back.  Guess, that’s what they call “superior” customer service for being a “long-time” customer. Trust me, they don’t get the sarcasm.  That being said, I wonder could this go under, things I learned.


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